Monday, 26 March 2012

Mega-Mission, friendly duel and a Ruppy kill.

Missioning in lowsec has its advantages. And disadvantages.
An EVE University pilot was caught off class and in Todifraun missioning. Todi is a system next to Evati, the system where the notorious Bastards live.
It was only a matter of time then for the pirates to scan down and locate the student vessel. Once they managed to pin down the mission location, the fleet warped in and immediately started applying DPS in order to get the Mega in low structure and try to ransom the pilot's ship.
"Well when ye deal wit' a 2 year barnacle-covered character, sailin' a Megathron on a mission, people need to understand that ye be not only ransomin' the vessel, ye be ransomin' the ship 'n POD". " ReBeL said. The pilot delayed payment and negotiated for 120 mil.
"We had' the lad exactly 'ere we wanted, we 'ere tryin' t' negotiate a price. But arr an EVE Uni fleet be close by an' run t' assist, so we had t' 'process' his ship smartly and run"!
He laughed loudly, having a look in his eyes like he was recalling moments of the fight and doing them all over again. While they where warping out, the enemy fleet was landing.
He then grabbed a chicken leg from a plate right in front of him, had a bite and concluded the story adding that "The POD was let go as th' the blob be comin' in so we had t' get th' hork out".

In the mean time, a friendly to ReBeL person was flying around and about in Evati, looking for a 1 vs 1.
After the Mega engagement, ReB still wanted action. After all, he has to honor his flashy red status whenever possible.
ReBeL got his Firetail, fitted to usually kill T1 frigates, and fleeted up with Babbelbob. After a warp in, each of the pilots started approaching each other and started to shoot each other until fireworks appeared in Evati!
It was a fair fight, "arrr the matey got me at 30% structure before he sank t'Davy Jones' locker" was ReB's comment. "I be orbitin' at close range, assistin' his blasters while I ignored completely th' drones. I did 't all wrong at first, but managed t' kill th' lad's in th' end. Fair swashbuckle t' the lad'!" ReBeL yelled while giving a light spank on an exotic dancer's cushion as she was passing by.

The Ruppy Engament!

On one of ReBeLSKuLL's usual solo Rifter nights out, he managed to spot a Rifter in a celestial. As a pirate, he is obligated to try and make ISK out of such opportunities. "I tried t' engage th' lad's two times in th' celestial, but he be too far ou'. I then warped ou' an' then waited on th' gate. He warped back in an' almost got point on th' lad's. I then asked th' lad's t' pay me ten cargo holds o' ISK an' I would leave him be. He didn' pay fer o'er two hours, only t' get a Wolf an' a Thrasher t' save his tide. I tried t' grab a kill but 't be impossible."
ReBeL stayed silent for a second, looking at his almost-empty-Quafe bottle filled with rum. He picked it up and downed it. He looked at me vaguely in the eyes and continued his story.
'But avast me matey, somethin' else did happen. I got one o' me mates t' join me in a Vengeance, in order t' be more persuasive an' t' show t' th' lad's that we be talkin' serious business here. Arrr! A flashy rupture vessel landed on grid. I warped ou' an' back in, Ravenesa started engagin' while bein' around 45+ KM off th' gate an' me. He be tight orbitin' an' be tryin' t' hold th' lad's enough fer me t' get thar an' point, on accoun' o' Ammar ships be nay known fer the'r stable caps! I tried t' burn in but th' pilot started shootin' at me. I then burned away an' re-approached. Managed t' sbung hole in an' get within scram range. Drones 'ere taken down fast, only fer th' haul smartly t' follow. An' in all that conflict, me partner stayed so calm. An' so did his shield. In an armor fitted ship. Good fight sire"!

He then stood up, took some ISK out of his pocket and dropped them on the table and started to walk away. I watched as he was leaving and all I could think about was "wtf is wrong with this lad".

Only to get disrupted by the sexy dancer appraching me with a piece of paper that had a quote of Frederic Douglas on it written down by ReBeL: "The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion".

Friday, 27 January 2012

Black ReBeL Firetail Club!

Don't worry, ReBeLSKuLL is still a Bastard.
I have to admit though, Black Rebel Rifter Club is a well respectful corporation. They are always keen on 1 vs 1 or fights, always honor it and are good frigate pilots. ReB has encountered them many times and has always done with  joy. Plus they use ReBeL on their name, so it is a win win situation for them too..

Anyway, ReBeL was flying around in Hagilur doing a sekret operation for himself on a classy Rifter. After that was cleared, "Oh, a Firetail on my D-scan. Could be a nice fight!". He warped on a belt towards the D-scanned ship. "Nothing".
The one remaining rat started shooting at him. ReBeL aligned while flashy Firetail landed. Since ReBeL needed maximum tank and a plan, he warped at the sun, aligned again, ready to get jumped by the chasing faction frigate. Some sort of "Run like a little girl" was posted on local in an attempt to lure ReBeL in a fight, although decision was already taken, ReB's Minmatar killing machine was already overheating...
"Patience my youngling" was replied on local.
"At first my intention was to keep distance, so I loaded barrage as I was warping out" ReBeL explains, "but I though about it better and followed my instinct, which said that the vessel chasing me is probably fitted with and armor rep and a tracking disruptor".
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma was loaded instead as the flashy enemy vessel lands. ReBeLSKuLL approached on an angle the Firetail, started shooting from distance until got on a 500 orbit range.
"I thought that in order to win this, his armor rep and TD must die". Neut on=cap out. ReBeLs shields where taking some damage, but as the fight was going on, the Firetail was going down faster. On armor, ReBeL on 40% shield and pew pew pew. Overheating on and off, enemy pilot ranging from 500-1500, but always on neut range and of course on ReBeLs well trained autocannon range..As soon as he was capped out, the ACs started doing serious damage on armor and then on the enemy's vessel hull..
Until finally, it popped.
Pod was pointed, but overheating never switched off, so ReBeL managed to burn his point.
"Crap" on local, laugh at ventrillo, "GF sir" was exchanged! I guess on the fights excitement failure happens sometimes..

Monday, 23 January 2012

Drunk Roam!

Yes, the Bastards are organizing a drunk roam. You are all invited of course, as long as your liver and sec status can handle it!

Date is: 3rd February!

Some of the fun rules:

1. Join the in-game channel 'INDEPENDENCE' for details and fleet pick up and vent info on the day.
2. Any T1 frigate/cruiser fitted out with whatever you want.
3. Yes, fit a rupture with lasers if you want.
4. Or a thorax with arties and missiles.
5. Or a rifter with a cruiser sized weapon.
6. Or bring a Celestis.
7. Mix your weapon systems. Why? because we can and that's how we roll.
8. Points required of course, we can't have people running away.
12. If you decide to fit a stab (why not?) then you have to say 'STABBED!' in local, take a shot of alcohol and then RUN like the wuss you are when you get tackled. If you do this and get smack - everyone else will need to take a shot on your behalf.

Read more about it here!

ReBeL hopes to see you all there!

Monday, 16 January 2012

A worth-reading article!

By request of His ReBeLLious Himself, a personal message to all of you:

"Dear Past, Current or Future FC,

I have come across this lovely article from Penelope Star (on a roam with the Bastards.) of the Eve Tribune and would like to share it with you as I feel that is is a good guide/addition to general fleet commanding knowledge!
A good explanation from two very good FCes, one of which happens to be the Big Boss of the notorious Bastards.

Read it and keep what you think is best for your fleet commanding!



Saturday, 31 December 2011

Rifters, Ops, The Bastards and a happy New Year!

Yarr t' you all mateys!
ReBeL has been flying not quite often but nevertheless he has been out there supporting the well known name of the Bastards. alliance.
There hasn't been any story if important significance, although ReB has been on a a couple of 1 vs 1s (including an ex-Bastard, thank you flash for the payout!) on his notorious Rifter, to keep on shape. There has also been a kill of a very new pilot who was trying his luck on Evati belts, where ReBeL took the only frigate size hull in his hangar, the even-more-awesome-looking-after-cubicle, firetail, which was also fairly poor fitted. 125's and double gyros did their job perfectly. (link will follow, KB is under maintenance atm).
Yarrsteday he encountered a pilot named vlewandoski after an invite on a Rifter 1 vs 1. The reason to mention especially this fight is that it was "one of the most excellent fights I have been in vs a Rifter" as ReBeLSKuLL comment.
ReBeL went to a safe spot and vlewandoski warped to him on 60. Both pilots started approaching each other and it was ON. ReBeL started to approach on an angle and closed orbit him on 500. Phased was loaded while neut and guns where pre-heated.
The target vessel was a classic and well respected armor fitted one, although it was Rocket fitted rather than NOS. "Usually pilots flyin' t' armor ones close orbit me in order for their NOS t' operate. I wasn't expectin' a Rocket fitted one t' be honest, with his web I could be badly kitted". And indeed that was his plan, having barrage loaded.
In the beginning of the fight, vlewa indeed came very close to "Exotic Lover",ReBeLs ship. Neut was doing  a great job while the auto-cannons and Gyro where hitting hard on the red-boxed Rifters sheild and armor. Wlevandoski realised this when his ship was around half armor while ReBeLs rifter was hitting low sheild, so he started to gain his distance.
"I noticed I was takin' a lot o' damage while he wasn't" ReBeL said, noticing that the targeted frigate was gaining its distance at around 5000-6000 meters. "I though I'd go t' Davy Jones' locker, so I aligned and got ready to warp out" while he was 9000 meters off.
But then something happen. ReBeL was at 25% structure. Vlewandoski got at 0%.
He then dropped fleet while "Exotic Lover" smartly warped out.
Good fight sire!
We would also like to thank one of his corp mateys, Jack, for accepting a wager against ReBeL, paying him 10 millions in the end!

In other news, "EMOTICON KING" himself (yes, that is ReBeLS Meatsheild title) has been participating in the alliances joint operations with Los Chupacabras, having loads of fun kicking the butt of anti-pirate organizations, claiming that they have secured metropolis. Even against his beloved EVE University. More on this roams on flashfresh's awesome blog!  "I have t' admit, those Italian scum can sure fly"!

Lastly, you should all be pleased to know that the Bastards. are recruiting, so maybe its time for you all to become flashy and live New Eden as it should be lived!

Happy new year to you all, may 2012 bring you enough RL and spaceship Iskies, so we, The Bastards, can loot and ransom it!

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but  going on, with all the wisdom and experience can instill in us. " by Hartley Coleridge

Friday, 10 June 2011

Meatshield cruising!

Jaguar and Enyo, ReBeL and Delts! Off they went in their cool frigs to chase stuff in lowsec, to pillage, loot and ransom.
So after avoiding a couple of fleets with shinnies, they founded a haulers wreck that was siting 30 km of gate.
"Aarrr, go and check that wreck" delts said, "Aye aye me harty" ReB said and burned towards it.
"58 k of antibiotics." ReBeL said.  "Thats around 19 mill" Deltsbeta replied "And there is a buy order in the system as well!" ReB cheered. He orbited the wreck and collected the frozen corpse while corpie bought a badger 2 jumps out and brough it back to sell the booty!
ISK was split and roam continued. A couple of jumps and they located a MOA and a Rifter, not flying together. Both started D-scaning, MOA landed 40 km from ReBeL's Jag and both started burning towards each other. Delts warped in while ReBeL got scram and orbited at 5000 m in order to avoid possible blasters. Enyo was primaried (got low in structure at some point) but the overheated armor repair 2 did its job wonderfully. MOAs' drones where dying, even though the target scooped them a couple of times, and he wasn't going anywhere. "I'll orbit him at 500 m now" ReBeL said and with his overheated 150s' and the support of a gyro he started pounding the MOAs' shields (Delts had managed to successfully burn his guns and had his hobgoblins as DPS only).  Its obvious that "pwetty" ReB should had looked at the MOAs' guns much much earlier, but at the heat of the moment he didn't think of it.
Anyhow, the bastards manage to successfully chew up his shields and soon after that he went t' Davy Jones' locker! Capsule was scrammed and as it's mentioned on the previous thread, only way to get the point off you is to pay, either with iskies or with your POD! Corpse was added to the cargo-hold for the SKuLL collection.
Our duo kept going until another Bastard joined, Grin on a sexy looking merlin!
System after system, they got to Lamaa where a Dramiel was scanned on a Plex. The Meatshield Bastards activated the gate, ReBeL got all the rat aggro so he burned the opposite way. FC decided that they should warp out, Dram pilot was saying nay nay words on local so the trio decided to show him that they are the true bastards, not him! So they warped back at gate.
But avast! A ruppy lands on the acceleration gate, ReB gets point, close orbit and starts to pew pew, same did the fleet-mates. Enyo was primaried again. "All DPS on drones" was allover coms. Drones where going down, but so did the Enyo. ReBeL keep shooting at the drones. Merlin exploded.
1 Drone left.  The Ruppy at 50% armor. ReBeLS Jag almost full.
"Why the hell I am not doing any damage on the drone" "pwetty" said. "F*ck the drone". OVEERRHEEEATTTED DPS ON RUPPY. 
Ruppy started neuting the bastards Jag. "One circle of point, orbit 500. DCU off" was the implants order (Although taking the DCU off could have been a bad idea considering that it uses just 1 CPU), "don't let him get at range". ReBeL started taking some damage, he was orbiting between 2500 m and 3300, due to the cap being out.
Ruppy at 10. ReBeL was now at 40% sheilds.
"I'll go after the Hobgoblin" ReBeL thought, "get it out of the picture". But It went all wrong for him. A miss-click, one scram circle at the hobgoblin, Ruppy got at range and the mighty Jaguar gave ReBeL his insurance payout.
"[02:05:22] ReBeLSKuLL > lucky cunt gf" was posted on local. It was a good fight after all, and yet one more lesson for the "pwetty" ReBeL bastard! Cause whatever kills us in EVE, makes us stronger.

"Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate after all"

PS: All corpses mentioned above are safely on ReBeLSKuLLS items inventory!
PS2: Any input on my DCU (uses 1GJ) going off or not for cap and Scram (5GJ) is welcomed!


This last week has been great for ReBeL, having loads of fun with the Bastards, shooting and looting!
So, yarrsteday Reb and a corpie where drinking their grog in a Hadozeko belt, when a slasher landed.
ReBeLSKuLLS ruppy quickly warped in, got point and started shooting while Zach was on warp from the off-grid.
"whoa his going do- his dead" he said on vent and smartly held point on capsule. Invite to the ransom channel and click to see age.
"[ 2011.06.09 03:14:51 ] Anton Barksdale > this account is only 1 day old so i probably wont ransom :P"
Well everyone has to pay one way or another. Its POD or ransom and ransom it was! Nice idea Zach!
"Anton Barksdale > On the open seas I encountered a captain named rebelskull;
The two seconds of combat were never dull and ended when he destroyed my hull."